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The Original Bugshirt Company - Protective Clothing
The Original Bugshirt Company products are designed to protect against biting insects most common to North America. Find loose fitting designs to protect against bugs, and the diseases they carry. (Trout Creek, ON)

The St. George Company - Farming and Gardening Products
The St. George Company sells Ironwork Baskets, Terra-Lite and new world Roto-Moulded Planters, Garden Tools and Furniture, Obelisks, irrigation systems, and more. Call 1-800-461-4299 (Paris, Ontario)

The Worm Factory - The Indoor Composter
Shop the Worm Factory for Vermiculture Kits, Bulk Red Worms, 100% Organic Plant Food using pure Worm Castings, 100% Organic Fertilizer Earthworm Castings, Replacement Bedding, Videos, and more. (Perth, ON)

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