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Softmoc Internet Shoe Shop

Save 30% on books over $25

Canadian Tire - Canadian Tire Health and Wellness!
Shop Canadian Tire for your own Home Spa, Air Cleaners, Cardiovascular products, Healthy Cooking items, Massagers, Oral Care, Sound and Aroma Therapy, Spa Treatment, Water Filtration, Shower & Tub Accessories, Water Serenity Ponds and more. (Across Canada)

Silverts - Clothing for the Disabled
Silverts has been providing clothing for the disabled and those with special needs for over 70 years. They carry a complete line of high-quality, affordable clothing for the caregiver-and people they care for. Their clothing simplifies self-dressing and aided dressing by utilizing unique features, such as velcro closures or snaps. (Concord, ON)

The Shopping Channel - Health and Fitness Products!
Shop The Shopping Channel for Health and Fitness products including Abs and Upper Body care, Total Body Care, Therapy and Massage, Weight loss, Health Products, Sporting Goods and more. (Across Canada) - Medical and Special Needs!
Shop for Medical and Special needs including Braces, Supports, First Aid, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes, Diabetes, Reading Glasses, Mobility Equipment, Monitoring & Testing Equipment and much more starting at just $1. Free to register and buy. (Across Canada)

Hip Guard - Protecting Hips From Accidental Falls
Hip Guard helps prevent against accidental falls, reducing the risk of hip fractures with a lightweight, comfortable and effective hip protector. Many people purchase Hip Guard to protect family members.1-800-299-8892 (Toronto, ON)

My Back Store - One Click for Back Comfort
My Back Store online sells back care products such as Aeron Office Chairs, Travel Support Pillows, Foot Massagers, Back and Body Massagers, Backrests, Travel Products, and more. 1-877-7MY-BACK (Cumberland, ON)

Barefoot Science - Unique dome design Insoles
The Barefoot Science system is a unique dome design insole that strengthens the foot by stimulating it's muscle and bone groups toward a biomechanical ideal-much like squeezing a tennis ball. Call Toll Free. (Markham, ON) - Canada's Largest Online Pharmacy's online store sells products for Allergies, Back Care products, Bath and Soaps, Books, Aromatherapy, Candies & Chocolates, Childrens products, Cosmetics, Dental Care, and more.1-888-689-9890 (Ottawa, ON) - Canada's Internet Pharmacy offers two types of products, namely, medication for which a prescription is required and over 5,000 products for which a prescription is not required. Call 1-800-727-5048. (Toronto, ON)

Senior Tours Canada - Escorted Tours for Seniors
Tours are organized so Seniors are not worried about flights, hotels, baggage handling, meals, transportation, sightseeing or any other problems that may occur while travelling Call 1-800-268-3492 (Toronto, ON)

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