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Canada Sports Equipment - Find all kinds of websites in canada offering new and used sports equipment such as watersports equipment, used sporting goods,sports training equipment, kids sports gear, golf, tennis, basketball and football equipment.CLICK HERE!
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Where to find deals on new and used sports equipment

I have always loved shopping around for new and used sports equipment. I love the smell of a new baseball mitt, the feel of new bat, and the comfort of a new pair of hockey skates. I am constantly looking for deals, because It's pretty expensive looking for sports equipment in stores for myself and my two sons who play soccer, baseball and hockey in the winter months. I love outdoor sporting equipment, hockey equipment, Used sports equipmen and discount sports equipment where I can save some money. I have tried just about every sport I could try, and I love them all. There is nothing nicer than finding a deal on new or used sports equipment.

One of my favorite stores is Canadian tire, I am always looking for sports equipment there as they usually have sales often on their website or in store and have a great selection of equipment. I buy all of my hockey sticks there, and outfit my kids with new equipment when it is on sale. I also check out websites that offer used goods such as, and and Craigslist Canada, as you can find some great deals on these sites, you can even sell your old used sports equipment on their sites for free. I love finding used or discount outdoor sports equipment because I love sports in general, But my favorite sport of all is definitely hockey. I took martial arts classes as a kid, but could never get to black belt. I was in little league baseball, but I spent a lot of the time on the bench because I had a hard time hitting the ball at bat. My two sons are much better at baseball than I was, but what I really like is they now play hockey with me and that is where I excel.

Between my kids sports equipment and my own, I now need to get some storage to be able to store the equipment in the off season.Nowadays, I don't have as many chances to play sports games as I used to. A lot of my sports equipment is sitting on outdoor shelving in my garage, gathering dust. Nonetheless, I still get to use some of the equipment sports every now and then. The outdoor sports equipment, in particular, has been getting use this spring. The weather has been wonderful, and it has been difficult to stay inside any more than I have to after a long winter in canada. I have been mountain biking, hiking, and I even got to play a friendly game of soccer. It has been nice to pull out the old sports equipment and try it on again.

When I go to the equipment sports store, I always have to take a friend with me. You see, my love of sports equipment makes it very difficult for me to restrain my wallet. I come up with all kinds of strange reasons for buying stuff, so my friend always looks for cheap deals instead. I bought a new sports radio the other day, for example, even though I don't go jogging, my wife will probably use it. My wife bought some hiking shoes and workout videos, she works out twice a day in our basement and at work. Having my wife with me is the only way to avoid making mistakes with my purchases, because she manages the household budget.

Here are some shopping tips and ideas on finding deals, and discounts on new and used Sports Equipement

* Look online for deals on sites such as Canadian Tire, The Shopping Channel, Sports 4 and Sportmart
* Check out the Used sites such as,, and
* You can place ads at hockey arenas looking for used sports equipment
* Place ads in the "Wanted to Buy" sections of Used Web Sites
* Check the online flyers from sites such as Sportmart and Canadian Tire
* Sign up for online newsletters that send you specials and deals to your email inbox
* Check the flyers you get in the mail and look for deals and discounts at places like WalMart Canada

* Visit our Canada Sports Equipment and Canadian Ski and Snowboard Equipment pages for Canadian online stores offering deals on sports equipment



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