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Both my wife and I are on tight budgets for the same reason. We both love to travel, so we budget all year long to save every penny we can. We like to live well at the same time, and we entertain friends and family, and we try to save as much money doing it. That is why we both love to shop at discount furniture stores online and in our city where we live, whenever we get a chance to save some money on home decorating.

My wife and I love shopping for discount furnishings, and really appreciate it when we find a great deal on sale somewhere. Discount furniture is in essence, new furniture that is sold at a reduced price because it was damaged during shipping, is a remnant of an out-dated style, has minor defects, or something similar, or a model is being discontinued. You see, I have always seen buying discount furniture as a challenge. We can get discount leather furniture, kids and baby furniture, office furniture, patio furniture, and living and dining room furniture for a great price if we are willing to look in all the right places. To me, it is sort of like a puzzle. Finding furniture discount is a challenging activity that I get to engage in on the weekends and in my spare time. This keeps me from stressing out about money – if you make it a game, it stays fun and it's really exciting when you get something you really want at a great price.

The key to finding discount furniture is knowing where to look. If you are willing to look at overstock furniture or clearance furniture, you can often find completely new and high quality items at a cheap price. If you have some basic woodworking skills – as I do – and know how to reupholster a chair or sofa or refinish a piece of used or antique furniture, you can get even better discounts on furniture. You can get discount furniture in bad shape for almost nothing, fix it up, and have an original beautiful chair or table for your living room.

Some stores will offer a great deal on new furniture that has a small scratch or needs some work fixing, but is otherwise in new condition. Much of my discount living room and dining room furniture was actually obtained in this way – I bought it already made, but finished it myself. It is amazing how much you can save on discount furniture if you are willing to do a little bit of work. Other stores offer brand new unfinished wood oak, pine or maple furniture that you finish yourself or have to put together yourself such as Ikea does and can save a lot of money as well by doing a little work yourself.

If you are looking for patio furniture, you should know whether you want a table that has or does not have an umbrella. Buying discount patio furniture is an economical way to obtain quality furniture for your patio. Many department stores offer discounted prices towards or at the end of the summer season. Many people can obtain quality teak or cedar furniture to enhance their patios by watching the advertised sales from department and hardware stores. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by just waiting a month or two for that special piece of patio furniture you have always wanted. You don’t have to buy the cheapest furniture just to be able to enjoy your patio. When shopping for discounted patio furniture, you should always look for chairs or benches made from solid wood. Solid wood patio furniture never goes out of style and matches any décor.

Some people prefer having a leather office furniture chair, while others do not like using one. Typically, non-leather office desk chairs tend to be a lot cheaper than those that are genuine leather. Getting a leather sofa at a discount price is great, it is like you are getting two for the price of one. You can watch the sales papers for furniture stores to get a great deal on a discount leather sofa at stores like the Brick that offers no payments for a year and no interest.

Of course, the best discount furniture store is the thrift store and online classifieds. Many people think of thrift stores as places for college kids and people on welfare, but the reality is that if you are willing to look carefully, you can find some high-quality pieces of furniture at places like value village. Some of the discount furniture in thrift stores just is in need of a good coat of paint or stain and that is all. Other times, you can get by with a sanding and some minor repairs. You can also go to open-air outdoor markets and look for the items that people are selling there. The quality of the products might surprise you! I know that I have found some great pieces in some unexpected places such as craft fairs and ads I have seen at the grocery store.

Here are some shopping tips and ideas for finding quality inexpensive furniture discounts online and offline

* Check your local flyers you get in the mail and look for deals at places like Canadian TIre, The Shopping Channel and Wal Mart Canada
* Get on the Ikea mailing list when they send out their seasonal catalogs and save money by putting your furniture together yourself
* Check out your neighbourhood for Yard Sales, some upscale neighbourhoods have giant yard sales where the whole neighbourhood has a huge yard sale all at once
* Try websites like UsedCanada, Craigslist and Kijiji for used furniture online
* Check the ads on Bulletin boards at your local grocery store
* Try auction sales online at places like eBay and auctions in your local newspaper. You can often find really good deals on entire bedroom suites and dining room suites at auctions
* Another place which may sell your cheap, discount furniture is at the local flea market.

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