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Check the Digital Camera ratings and Reviews before buying

Buying a quality digital camera, digital slr camera or digital video camera is often an investment that requires a little research. You can spend upwards of a few thousand dollars on a professional quality camera, with the average price for a quality camera being around 200-3000.00 dollars. That means a good amount of thought and research is needed before you decide which one you want to spend your hard earned money on in the store. Looking around for digital camera ratings and revievws is always a great idea to get things started.

There are many things you can find when you look for digital camera ratings online. If you have no idea what you even want in a camera, you can visit the manufacturers websites to see what different cameras have to offer and what new technologies are available such as HD or High definition video cameras, Hard Drive Video Cameras, Digital Movie Carmeras and Wide Lens Digital Cameras. Brands that offer product information are available on manufacturers websites such as Cannon, Kodak, Nikon, Casio, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, Pentax and Polaroid. Also magazines at bookstands such as Consumer Reports offers camera reviews and ratings. You can then decide which features you want, and which ones you can live without, and then look for some sites that offer reviews and ratings. Some people like to have video capacity on a digital camera, and others find that to be something they don’t really need. Basic and general digital camera consumer ratings and digital video camera reviews can help you with all of that type of information.

After you know what you might want in a camera, you can then use digital camera ratings to narrow down a few models that you may like to have. You can decide if you want something you can take photos using a tripod with a lot of bulk, or if you need something really small like an ultra compact digital slr camera that can fit into a pocket or a small purse, or waterproof cameras for underwater photography. You might also want to decide how much zoom you think you need, so you can get that closeup shot of flowers for example.

Reviews on Digital cameras will explain things like what zoom capabilities cameras have, the amount of mega pixels which means how big a photograph can be blown up and retain it's image quality. This all depends on what you want to use your camera for. I still use my old Kodak 1.2 mega pixel camera and find it takes great pictures, except I cannot order larger prints because the camera is not capable of doing this because of it's lack of technology, zoom and lack of megapixels. Todays cameras are upwards of 10.0 megapixels. Those just for snapshots at home don’t have to be too complicated, and if that is what you need, you should then find digital camera ratings for those types of point and shoot cameras that are easy to use and find what you need.

If you think you have found what you need, you should still look around for digital camera ratings and reviews to be sure you have found the best model and best price for your needs. You may have missed something, so going back for a second or even third look is a good idea. If you are thinking of buying something on an auction site to save some money, these digital camera ratings can help you figure out if what you are getting is worth the price, or if you should find a newer model that has better technology, and pay full price. Finding a great deal on a camera is always an awesome experience, but you won’t be happy if you have not chosen the right one, or perhaps gave up what you really wanted to save a few bucks. Don't forget whey you buy a new camera you are getting a warranty as well, so if you buy used and don't like it you will not be able to return it.

Here are some shopping tips and ideas on accessories you might need when you are considering buying a Camera and looking ar Digital cameras reviews and comparisons as they will cost you more depending on your budget

* Camera Bag
* Tripod
Extra batteries - I purchased an extra set of rechargeable batteries and charger, so I don't run out of battery power when I am taking pictures in the middle of a shoot
Extra storage in case you fill your existing camera storeage and need to shoot more photos
* Docking station for downloading images onto your computer
* Extra cables or batteries
* If you are shopping in a store, get a salesman to show you all the features and their recojmmendaitons based on your needs and budget
* IMPORTANT: Make sure you read the manual for you camera before you use it to get the maximum use out of your digital camera investment
* Visit some of the Canadian Camera Stores Online for more tips and information on digital cameras



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