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Rogers - High Speed Internet
Ultra Lite, Lite, Express and Extreme High-Spedd Internet. Price ranges from $21.95 per mo. to $46.95 per month. (Ontario Region)

Basic Internet, High-Speed, Extreme High-Speed Internet, from $19.95 per month to $44.95 per month. (Quebec Region)

Shaw Internet
Shaw High-Speed Internet is faster and better than ever before and now includes 10 email accounts and 100 MB of storage space. Shaw Internet’s always on connection gives you the speed you need to download large files, listen to online music and access up-to-the-minute news sources – without tying up your phone lines. (Western Canada)

Inter.Net Canada - ISP
Shop for Dialup Internet, DSL High Speed, Internet Phone, Register Your Domain, Prepaid Internet Access, Webhosting and more.
Tel: 888.GO.ISTAR Email: Sales Address:

Mama Communications
With the Internet becoming bigger and better everyday, we offer everything you need from Dial-up to High Speed Access, personal web space, extra email accounts, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection.

Alentus - Hosting Services
Unlike many of our "virtual hosting" competitors, we completely own and operate two secure and highly modernized data center facilities. We manage a fully redundant BGP-enabled Cisco-powered network, partner with Dell, Microsoft and HP for high performance, reliable servers and maintain 24/7 support services.
Tel: 877.922.9903 Email: Sales Address: (Edmonton, Alberta)

Blue Marble - Hosting, Design, E-Commerce
Webhosting services, Ecommerce, Web Design, CGI/Perl Scripting, Server Lockers.
Tel: 403.270.3449 Email: Sales Address: (Calgary, Alberta)

Canwebhost - Hosting Services
Our web hosting allows you to establish an Internet presence quickly helping you a gain a competitive advantage in today's business world. You name the web site, we can help you with it B2B, eCommerce, Personal, etc
Tel: 866.893.4678 Email: Sales Address: (Calgary, Alberta)

8. Cyberwave Technologies - Hosting, Web Apps., Consulting
Tel: 888.520.3999 Email: Sales Address: (Calgary
, Alberta)

9. EZ Post - Dial Up, Hosting, Ecommerce...
Tel: 403.212.1212 Email: Sales Address: (Calgary, Alberta)

10. Interbaun Communications - ISP, Dial Up, High Speed ADSL
Tel: 877.447.8282 Email: Sales Address: (Edmonton, Alberta)

OA Internet Inc. - ISP, Hosting, Consulting...
Tel: 888.663.1336 Email: Sales Address: (Edmonton, Alberta)

12. Real Time Technologies - ISP
Tel: 800.736.5930 Email: Sales Address: (Red Deer, Alberta)

13. Shawv - ISP, High Speed Cable
Tel: 800.807.7429 Email: Sales Address: (Hinton, Alberta)

14. Tera-byte - ISP, Hosting Services...
Tel: 877.837.2298 Email: Sales Address: (Edmonton, Alberta)

British Columbia

16. Information Gateway Services - ISP, Hosting, Webdesign...
Email: Sales Address:
(Vancouver, B.C.)

17. Island Internet - ISP, High Speed, Hosting...
Tel: 800.811.4488 Email: Sales Address: (4 BC Locations)

18.Net Nation - Hosting Solutions
Tel: 888.277.0000 Email: Sales Address: (Vancouver, B.C.)

19. Only Hosting - Hosting Solutions
Tel: 604.940.1557 Email: Sales Address: (Kelowna, B.C.)

20. Primus Telecom. Canada - ISP, Hosting, High Speed...
Tel: 888.627.6973 Email: Sales Address: (Vancouver, B.C.)

21. Stargate - ISP, High Speed, ASP, Hosting
Tel: 604.606.8999 Email: Sales Address: (Burnaby, B.C.)

22. We Do Hosting - Hosting Services...
Tel: 888.647.9336 Email: Sales Address: (Victoria
, B.C.)

23. - Hosting
Tel: 866.493.2669 Email: Sales Address: (Vancouver, B.C.)

15. Coastnet - ISP
Tel: 250.953.2680 Email: Sales Address: (Victoria, B.C.)

24. Digistar Internet Services - ISP, Dial Up
Tel: 204.778.7827 Email: Sales Address: (Thompson, Manitoba)

25.Interlink Online Services - ISP, Dial Up
Tel: 204.985.5444 Email: Sales Address: (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
4286 Green Gable Lane
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1V 1S4
Tel: (613) 822-7429

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