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Job Postings - Canada's Student Job Site
Students can perform a job search by field of study, job type, job location across Canada, or search by company. Find tips on creating a great resume using action words etc. and more. (Across Canada)

Kelly Services - Career Network Centre
Kelly Services online career network centre offers temporary and permanent placement for Accounting and Finance, Administrative, Call Center, Creative Arts, and more. Call Toll Free. (Across Canada) - There's a better job out there
Create your own personal monster management account with up to 5 online resumes and cover letters to use to apply online. Have an automatic job search agent email you when a job listing matches your criteria. Call Toll Free. (Across Canada)

Plus Jobs Canada - Award Winning Internet Job Database
Plus Jobs Canada, a premium nationwide job database includes jobs such as Computer related and Internet, Industry, Construction, Engineering, Agriculture, and Others. (Across Canada)

Public Service Commission of Canada - Jobs open to the Public
Shop the site for jobs open to the public such as the Federal student work experience program (FSWEP).links to over 150 sites providing additional information. Find info. on Co-op Intership programs, and management trainee, and executive programs. (Across Canada)

Quantum Management Services - Ontario and Quebec Positions
Quantum Management Services offers Permanent and Temporary positions in Administrative, Professional, Technical, Information Technology, Call Centre, Sales, and Industrial Warehouse Fields. Call Toll Free. (Ontario and Quebec)

Talentlab - Finding Technology Stars
Talentlab offers positions in Technology including ASIC, Photonics, eBusiness, Wireless, and Storage. Find Guides of information such as 12 reasons to join a startup, and more. 1-877-316-TLAB (Kanata, ON)

Technoskill - Connect to the Industry's Fastest Growing Co's
Technoskill's free registration entitles you to a wide array of services, from creating, posting and printing a professional resume online to custom searching their extensive job postings. (Across Canada)

The People Bank - Conecting People and Jobs
Positions are available for Call Centres, Office Administration, Information Technology, Financial Services, Conference Staffing, and Accounting Services. Call 1-877-977-2562 (Across Canada)

Work Ink - The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
Sponsored by Human Resources Development Canada, WORKink is a virtual employment resource centre providing resources and information to enhance meaningful employment of people with disabilities in Canada. (Across Canada) - Find a Great Job on the Internet
Before, none of the current job engines searched the most fruitful job locations: the newsgroups. They created a software engine that anonymously searches the best job sources for you, free of charge. (Ottawa, ON)

Workopolis - Canada's Biggest Job Site
Create and save up to 3 resumes, track personal job lists, build and save job searches for re-use, setup your own career alert and receive automatic email notification of jobs fitting your search criteria. (Across Canada)

Directory of Recruiters - The Directory of Canadian Recruiters
Find a listing of over 100 Canadian Recruitment links to company homepages. Also find the Directory of Canadian Recruiters book and CD. (Streetsville, ON)

Career Station - Career Advisory Services
Career Station offers personalized career advice, resume tips, and work search strategies. They can offer you customized advice to suit your needs.Participate in the Hospitality and Work Smart training programs. (Ottawa, ON)

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